Number 5 painted over a three dimensional number 3.


OK, weird inspiration here. At Disney World, in Animal Kingdom, there is a very fully fleshed out village that is supposed to be in the Himalayas. And there are a lot of repurposed items such as signs painted on license plates. I really like the idea of using a medium of communication (the license plate) to communicate something other that what was intended (the painted sign). So I thought I would sculpt a number three and paint a number five over it. How much cooler would it have been if I could have said, "In my travels to the Himalayas...” instead of, “Disney?" Oh, well.

The sculpture is finished with Iron paint and chemically rusted for that totally uncontrolled look. The number is painted and weathered in several layers of different colors of paint.

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Approximately 7" x 7" x 2"




All my sculptures are hand created in clay and then cast in Hydracal which is a dense, tough form of plaster. They are finished using a combination of powder pigments, regular and iron paint, wax, water, and hours of studying broken and dirty pieces of things.


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