Skeleton Illustration


Three dimensional anatomical skeleton illustration from a hypothetical anatomy book


I love illustrations in anatomy books. And I'm fascinated by the changes over the decades as our understanding of the makeup of the world increases. Here is a (probably) 19th century view of the ribcage and spine from a hypothetical anatomy book. I sculpted it it as a relief because I thought paper drawings and lettering might look cool as sculpture.

The finish is a painted iron that is chemically rusted so each piece is absolutely unique. I can't fully control how the metal will oxidize and that is part of what makes this one so cool.

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Approximately 7" x 7" x 2"




All my sculptures are hand created in clay and then cast in Hydracal which is a dense, tough form of plaster. They are finished using a combination of powder pigments, regular and iron paint, wax, water, and hours of studying broken and dirty pieces of things.


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