Classical Dolphin


Sketch inspired from a classical dolphin on a building in the South of France.


Why are they called dolphins and why do they look so scary? The God Dionysus was captured by pirates and turned them all into dolphins (so that's negative). And painters and sculptors, who had not a chance to see the animal, had to rely on descriptions by sailors who thought manatees were mermaids. But you end up with some of the most beautiful and awesome creatures in art.

Why is this dolphin tied by his nose to a column of leaves? How am I supposed to know? Mind your business.

Additional information


Approximately 7" x 7" x 2"




All my sculptures are hand created in clay and then cast in Hydracal which is a dense, tough form of plaster. They are finished using a combination of powder pigments, regular and iron paint, wax, water, and hours of studying broken and dirty pieces of things.


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